USB 3.0 to HDMI Capture Card Setup

The Video Capture Card has 2 interfaces, USB3.0 Output interface and HDMI Input interface.

1. Using the supplied Male USB3.0 to Male USB3.0 cable, connect the Capture Card to the computer that
will be used.

2. Using a Male HDMI to Male HDMI cable, connect the Capture Card to your signal source
(eg. Blue-Ray Player, Playstation, PC, Xbox) that is free of HDCP (copyright protection).

3. Open the video you want to record on Signal Source connected through HDMI.

4. On the computer connect through the USB3.0, open recording matching software (QuickTime
Player, OBS Studio or any recording software). Start a new Movie Recording.

5. In the settings on the computer connected through the USB3.0, change the camera and microphone being used to the USB3.0 Capture Card
and begin the video sync.

6. On the same computer, click the button to begin recording the video.

7. Click the button again to stop and save the recording.

8. Close QuickTime or any recording software and save the path of the file.


Here are some setup videos :


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