USB-C USB Type C Adapter

2 ways to support video output on laptops using USB Type C.

1) A USB Type-C cable will be able to transmit audio and visual signals using DisplayPort technology.

It accomplishes this by using an Display Port Alternate Mode (“Alt Mode”) to deliver full DisplayPort performance, including support for 4K, 5K, and existing DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and VGA-enabled displays.

So, basically, you will be able to use any number of monitors and displays with USB Type-C, including those that support ultra-high-definition.

Here are some info on USB type C DP Alt Mode.

2) Thunderbolt 3 is an I/O technology that connects devices to your computer at speeds up to 40 Gbps. Thunderbolt 3 combines data transfer, video output, and charging capabilities in a single, compact connector.

Here is a list of laptop that does support Thunderbolt 3.

Customer needs to check if the USB type C port of their laptop supports video output and if it supports DP Alt mode or Thunderbolt 3 function.





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